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    • Fri, Dec 16 2011

    Christopher Hitchens loses his fight against oesophageal cancer

    Christopher Hitchens loses his fight. I admired this guy, insightful author, oustanding orator, insightful debater You might not agree with most of what he said or wrote, but you have to admit, this guy was hugely intellectual, and I regret not being able to watch Hitchens debate in person as he use to tour through London (Often these folk pass through Intelligence Squared...
    • Tue, Dec 6 2011

    IIS7 error 503 after adjusting the applicationhost.config file

    I had to recover a ConfigMgr Primary site today where IIS seemed completely b0rked. The engineer had changed IIS 7's applicationhost.config by hand in the RequestFiltering section, no big deal there, but for some reason all web services for ConfigMgr died after they saved the file. On the surface it looked broken. IIS would start OK, but there were a stack of WAS errors (Windows Authentication ...) being generated...