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    • Wed, Jan 18 2012

    Replacement file system for Windows

    Microsoft readying up a new File System, say hello to ReFS , and goodbye NTFS Some chatter on it: Anyone remember WinFS ?
    • Wed, Jan 18 2012

    System Center 2012 - No longer cloudy (sorry couldn't help myself!)

    Check out the Microsoft System Center keynote (Brad Anderson and Satya Nadella), big reveals in there! Universal installer ... Watch the video ... Still trying to work out what the 'vision' is? Read on ... http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet...
    • Sat, Jan 14 2012

    Choosing site codes for your Hierarchy

    When it comes to choosing site codes you have 3 characters to play with, and while crafting a new site code you should be aware there are a bunch of reserved site codes that cannot be used, these are AUX, NUL, PRN, CEN. There is a KB for this, it has applied to all versions of the product since inception. You can find the KB here Its very tempting to use CEN for your CENtral, and...
    • Mon, Jan 9 2012

    WMUG - Available Videos

    We've got a bunch of videos building up on the site, thought I'd index them and locate in an easy to find place on the website. You'll find them in the following Group called Training Videos Here's a list of the videos there today: Wally Mead - Nov 2011 - ConfigMgr 2012 Technical Overview Wally Mead - Nov 2010 - ConfigMgr 2012 Overview Wally Mead - Nov 2010 - ConfigMgr 2012 Migration ...
    • Fri, Jan 6 2012

    Commodore 64 hits 30 this week

    The Commodore 64 will be 30 years old this week (06/01/12) I remember my first C64, and, yep I feel old :-) Here's a write up I found out there (thanks to PC Authority),vintage-tech-looking-back-at-the-commodore-64.aspx Commodore 64 led me to the Amiga 500 (A500), where I geeked out on Assembler 68000 programming, man that unit was a hot bit of kit
    • Fri, Jan 6 2012

    WMUG Video - Wally Mead - Technical Overview of ConfigMgr 2012 - Video now online

    Took me a bit of time, but we just got the first of three videos taken at the recent WMUG November 4th 2011 event presented by Wally Mead. This, the first of three videos, is a technical overview of the ConfigMgr 2012 product itself. WMUG-Nov4-2011-WallyMead - Technical Overview from Rob on Vimeo . Visit our events page for the event details. Stay tuned for more videos!
    • Thu, Jan 5 2012

    System Center 2012 Vision event

    President of Server and Tools Satya Nadella and Corporate Vice President of System Center and Management Brad Anderson will be presenting the System Center 2012 Vision! Be warned, the word Cloud is going to be used a lot. The event is online and takes place on the 17th of January 2012 at 8:30AM PST / 16:30 UTC / ( timezone convert ) Register here From the Event website: The definition, business value, and...
    • Tue, Jan 3 2012

    Microsoft ConfigMgr 2012 Courses

    Bechir Gharbi another MVP in ConfigMgr brought this up, two MOC’s for ConfigMgr 2012, both to be available first half of this year according to the links:   Course 10747A Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Published: April 26, 2012(In development)   Course 10748A Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Published: May 10, 2012(In development)   Course outlines make for interesting...
    • Mon, Jan 2 2012

    Awarded MVP ConfigMgr 2012

    A nice treat in my mailbox at the beginning of the year (2012): What a result, and this year is release year for ConfigMgr 2012. It’s going to be a great 12 months of covering the release of a very special Microsoft’s System Management product!