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    • Sat, Mar 31 2012

    ConfigMgr 2012 RBA permissions

    Handy list of permissions for each security object Download here (Excel) Secret Sauce: select sot.ObjectTypeName, oo.OperationName from dbo.RBAC_SecuredObjectTypes as sot inner join dbo.RBAC_ObjectOperations as oo on sot.ObjectTypeID = oo.ObjectTypeID group by sot.ObjectTypeName, oo.OperationName
    • Thu, Mar 29 2012

    Welcome to virus land Apple

    It really was inevitable wasn't it, and recently during a security discussion with peers I predicted that attention would move off of Windows as the single attack target of choice to include ... Apple MAC's ... Why? Because, it is a new market for the little hacking monkeys to monetize. It's the perfect environment to compromise, reason being not many people who own MAC's have an empty bank account...
    • Thu, Mar 29 2012

    Star trek tricoder a reality

    Wonder if it has the original tricorder sounds?
    • Thu, Mar 1 2012

    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 RC1 arrives

    … and brings with it ConfigMgr 2012 RC2 support. Result. Here’s a link to Michael Niehaus blog detailing the release.