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    • Sun, Apr 29 2012

    System Center 2012 Configuration Manager forums

    The SC12CM MS Social forums are available now:
    • Thu, Apr 26 2012

    Alan Touring - Obits - Interesting reading

    Alan Turings obit qoutations ... Makes for interesting reading
    • Mon, Apr 23 2012

    System Center 2012 Configuration Manager - RTM

    It's been RTM for a while, but MMS needed to happen before I could call it out. So ... System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is now RTM !!! And yep, that is how it is called now, SC2012CM and not ConfigMgr 2012 :-<> Check out the product here Excellent landing page for videos and labs on the Microsoft...
    • Mon, Apr 23 2012

    Sinclair Spectrum turns 30

    I had a few of these, home of 8 bit games ... ... it introduced colour "high resolution" graphics and sound. Good grief! If Sinclair hadn't of blasted the Acorn BBC out of the water, can you imagine a world built off one of those clunky soulless things?! Am so glad he undercut everyone, I think my mom was especially pleased with the price point, compared...
    • Tue, Apr 17 2012

    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 - RTM!

    Yep, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 has RTM'd !!! Check it out here What's new: Some of the key changes in MDT 2012 are: Comprehensive tools and guidance to efficiently manage large-scale deployments of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 365. An enhanced user-Driven Installation (UDI) deployment method that utilizes System Center Configuration Manager 2012. UDI lets end users initiate...
    • Sat, Apr 14 2012

    ConfigMgr 2012 articles from the CM PG

    Jason Githens from the ConfigMgr product group knocked out a few articles for us on System Center Endpoint Protection and Software Updates Management: · Launching a Windows Defender Offline Scan with Configuration Manager 2012 OSD · Operating System Deployment and Endpoint Protection Client Installation · Software Update Content Cleanup in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager ...
    • Thu, Apr 12 2012

    How Titanic influenced wireless communications

    Excellent article from IEEE on how the tragic loss of the Titanic led to a revolution in ship to ship and ship to shore wireless communications technologies (Marconi anyone?!)
    • Thu, Apr 12 2012

    We are but memories - memories in other peoples heads

    So worth the read ...
    • Thu, Apr 12 2012

    Think Microsoft is the evil doer? Read on ...

    Thinking that Microsoft is the big bad boy of the IT Industry? Maybe this will change you mind slightly ... Microsoft get real bad press for the slightest mis-step made, and yet Apple, Google, Facebook et al make epic ***-ups and their fanbois apologise (apologists) in droves and get over it pretty quickly :-)
    • Wed, Apr 11 2012

    The Empire Strikes Back!

    Apple admit they have a malware problem. That is a good first step from a company as immature in the security world as it is. Plenty of time for them to get tooled up like the others I guess. If you check their documentation and website you'll find statements like "malware is something that only those nasty PC's get" haha! Not any more! They are...
    • Wed, Apr 11 2012

    Jack Tramiel - C64 - Game over - No more coins to insert

    Game over for Jack Tramiel, another real legend leaves us, and one that deserves tribute for his selfless dedication to what was really his hobby. He was another industry changer. A true legend and a giant in terms of achievements. He left us with a very important legacy, one that underpins our industry. He also took Atari, which had bottomed out, and gave it life for another decade. His life story also makes for interesting...
    • Tue, Apr 10 2012

    Windows 8 theme for Android

    Windows 8 them on Android ... how cool is that! Takes a bit of tinkering to get it on but if you're wanting the tile look here it is: There's even one for i* devices:
    • Thu, Apr 5 2012

    Mac attack

    About 600,000 MAC’s have the Flashback Trojan installed. Big numbers
    • Mon, Apr 2 2012

    ConfigMgr 2007 Security permissions

    Following on from my ConfigMgr 2012 RBA permissions post , I thought I'd put up the ConfigMgr 2007 Security permissions even though it has been around a while :-) This data was formed via a script from John Nelson , output dumped into Excel and touched up a little. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting John!