Just finished the process of upgrading a Central SMS2003 (SQL2000) Site server to ConfigMgr 2007 (SQL 2005) ... I've never stared so intently at a wizard as it plodded through its tasks in all my life ... was dreading a failure occuring, that'd require a rollback taking several hours of work to accomplish. Had a real bad feeling about it ... but ... it ... upgraded!

I learnt something new about SQL upgrades ... We had, for whatever reason, a database called MASTER_XXXX attached to the Site server. It is not the SYSTEM database called MASTER ... However, the SQL 2005 upgrader must of performed a wildcard match on MASTER, which yielded MASTER_XXXX, causing the upgrader to bail out due to not finding system-related objects in MASTER_XXXX. A simple solution, drop SYSTEM_XXXX, but, I didn't expect the SQL upgrader to wildcard match a SYSTEM database!

Well on the way to replacing SMS2003 with ConfigMgr, we already have a pure ConfigMgr (not an upgrade) Hierarchy here, so we'll have our second one shortly, multi-tenancy can be fun :-)

After using SMS2003 Console, I'm glad to see it gone! I did like it during its heyday but, times a moved on as they say ;-) Operations in the SMS2003 Console are a nightmare once you end up with hundreds if not thousands of entries in the nodes. Anyone that has spent time in there will understand the frustration I speak of, which mostly pivots around not having search filters funnily enough, and always exporting or trying to type object names in one letter at a time and mostly failing hehe.