CMStore for ConfigMgr

Wrote another tool, like I do. So many loose ends such as my programming guides are becoming neglected, will return to them soon, but for now, check this puppy out.


This tool, CMStore for ConfigMgr helps you download all the other tools out there, from Microsoft to Community tooling. Currently the store has over 70 entries ranging from Scripts, Executables, documents to full downloads of Microsoft resources. The manifest grows, some tools are inaccessible due to requirements to provide email address, fill in a form etc, I’m actively working with various vendors to get direct download links so that many more tools can be added to the store.


How often do you crawl around in a web browser looking for the “link” that contains the “link” to the tool you want, trying to recall where you saw it? Now, you just need to look through a list, and make your selection. I think this is very empowering for both the administrator that wants the tool, and the authors of the tool who benefit from their tool being listed, browsed and downloaded.


CMStore gives the Community more reach!


It creates more interaction, awesome.




The tool is pretty self-explanatory really, open tool, select a tool, download tool, open download location, use the tool. Really that simple.


The UI is driven by selection, that means the drop down’s for Class, Source and Author will make selections in the grid, the Download column will be resorted whenever you use the drop downs. You can deselect individual tools by hand in the grid, or press Deselect All to deselect them all. Selecting All from any of the drop downs will cause the entire list to be selected (maybe you want all the tools in one go?!).


The tool has an in-tool upgrade mechanism for both the Tool and the Manifest, so when I update the tool version online it’ll cause your version to prompt for an upgrade, just accept, sit back and let my coding do the work. If the Manifest is updated it’ll update your local version without any interaction needed, keeping you up to date. I store a binary blob and Manifest in XML form on my SMSMarshall company website which my tool downloads, a few moments later you’ll be looking at the newer tool version or Manifest without having to do anything. Double awesome. Makes sense since the Manifest is updating regularly, I need to get it to you quicker, and if I make a version change including fundamental changes then I can move you up to the next version hassle-free.


The Manifest is stored as an XML file on my SMSMarshall company website. The manifest itself is managed by myself and Paul Winstanley (@SCCMentor), entries are vetted before being made live to make sure no bad websites or tools are submitted. I’ve intentionally removed any possibility for automation between the entries being submitted, and being placed on the Manifest. A human has to perform this step, so as to keep the Community-at-large protected from wayward content.


If you have a tool you have made, or know of a tool that should be submitted, go to the SMSMarshall tool page where you will find the CMStore Entry Submission form just below the Tools entry, or click the button below to be taken there



I had two beta testers help me get to V1 and who are still actively reviewing dev builds, I hope this tool is useful to you, I know it is to me, I’ve used it at Customer sites already giving me extra “coffee” time!