Hyper-V and Windows 10

Have you seen the new stuff we get with Hyper-V in Windows 10?


  • Windows PowerShell Direct (Trevor Sullivan PowerShell MVP must be loving that!)
  • Hot add and remove for network adapters and memory (this is very cool as we don’t need a management layer to perform the task,we can do it natively)
  • Production checkpoints (VSS based checkpoints, wow!)
  • Hyper-V Manager improvements (updated management protocol, WS-MAN based)
  • Connected Standby works
  • Linux secure boot
  • Virtual Machine Configuration Version
  • New virtual machine configuration file format (is now a binary based file, is no longer human readable, direct edits are unsupported)
  • Integration Services delivered through Windows Update (more info here, you can probably get the KB executable and install it manually to speed things up, or let your WSUS provision the KB over time)


Check out the Microsoft Hyper-V landing page I obtained the above info from