Files for my SDK and Development with ConfigMgr 2012 WMUG session

I promised to upload my session files, and here they are.




You’ll find a bunch of files in the downloaded ZIP file




I recommend that you start with the Slides, although there isn’t “me” talking over them they are still useful aids, and once you get to the Live Demo slide get busy opening and following the Word document


I snagged the two DLL’s from a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Console installation folder, your usage of them will vary depending on whether you have that version installed, recommend you go get these two files yourself so they match up with your Site server version.


The source code for the project is in the, after you’ve followed the Doc that’s what you’d end up with, but it is there for your reference.


Oh and you may need this, Visual Studio 2015 Community




Myself and several others are working towards bringing many more Dev sessions to WMUG, stay tuned!


You can reach me easily on my Twitter handle @RobMVP if you want to chat about this and Dev for ConfigMgr