How do I find all these great ConfigMgr free tools


Some time back I wrote a free content downloader (superb if I don’t say so myself!) that currently contains 141 of the finest tools, scripts and ‘things’ that make us engineers go “Cool”.

Key features that make me want to reuse this tool are:

  • No need to have to remember all the web locations for various tooling and content when I visit a customer
  • Takes the clicks and pain out of getting content and tooling, just select and the tool brings it all down for you
  • Keep on top of the latest versions for content and tooling, no stumbling across an older version
  • An organic, living library curated by specialists, new content and tooling introduced regularly
  • Products of interest from well-known Vendors, stuff most System Center Administrators should be aware of
  • Free tools from well-known Vendors
  • A Book library containing the latest releases
  • A communities listing, so that you can find and join lively communities
  • A Resources listing containing some documentation and support locations that are regularly used by seasoned administrators
  • And finally, the tool automatically updates itself if there is  newer version released, it performs this check each time the tool is loaded, this removes the need to revisit the TechNet Gallery to download a newer version.

Here is what it looks like:




It is a very light-weight tool, with no installation footprint, you simply download the tool from the TechNet Gallery and unpack the ZIP , unblock the EXE (I haven’t signed up to an expensive Certificate programme that lets me run without initially being blocked, one day I will sign up to this programme and remove the need to unblock my executables like most vendors do), run the EXE and it’ll download the latest up to date manifest from the internet

You’ve got the option to select the System Center product so that you can view all of content related to it, but be warned I’m yet to populate the other products with much content beyond documentation links, meaning this tool is weighted towards ConfigMgr, since I am an Enterprise Mobility (ConfigMgr!) MVP and that is my focus and where my passion is at. I am looking for curators to manage the content for the other System Center products.

Keep an eye on the home page for the tool, the page that shows when you start it up, as we announce industry news there, currently we list major industry events that you may be interested in attending:




I am proud to be an Enterprise Mobility MVP and my 8th year. I work for SMSMarshall Ltd, a growing System Center consultancy based in the UK, London, I am the principle consultant and I specialise in troubleshooting and custom solutions. I hope you get a lot of benefit from this tool, I enjoyed writing it and enjoy maintaining it.