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  • Blog Post: New ConfigMgr and WSUS articles

    Put feet up, have a read :-) ConfigMgr List of the role-based administration permissions and permission groups in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager System Center Updates Publisher 2011 Support Statement Update Why wait? Get a jumpstart on mobile device management with Configuration Manager...
  • Blog Post: FCS Updates in a shared WSUS environment

    John Marcum and Kim Oppalfens have put together a great article from a collaboration that they took part in, to try and deploy FCS updates in a shared WSUS environment . These guys look like they have cracked the problem and offer up the solution .. great work guys! Read the full article here
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Software Updates - definition of the coloured icons

    If I don't use the feature often I tend to forget the colour coding, we all know what the green means, most of us know what grey means, but what are the other colours for? Normal Icon The green icon represents a normal software update. Description: Software updates that have been synchronized...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Survey: ConfigMgr and WSUS pain points

    Time to get some feedback to MS on the WSUS and Configmgr integration. Check out the survey here, takes literally one minute, no login required and the feedback is seen by the product group, who, as you know, roll the dice on the features and any updates they get. Survey: What are your top pain...
  • Blog Post: WSUS Support Team Blog: Error code when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates: 0x737D

    Over on the WSUS Support Team Blog, announcement of a new KB highlighting an issue when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates Symptoms: When you install updates by using Windows Update or Microsoft Update, you receive the following error code: 0x737D Additionally, you...
  • Blog Post: EEHndlr WARNING: Failed to populate ServiceStartup entries in Cache: error 0x80070002

    The WSUS support team offered up this tip on resolving an 0x80070002 error that manifests due to some missing registry keys. When running updates from WSUS 3.0 SP1 we are seeing the following error messages in the Windows Update Agent Log File C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log We see these messages on...
  • Blog Post: WSUS Wiki

    Found this WSUS Wiki today, very useful ... Windows Server Update Services Wiki
  • Blog Post: WSUS Offline Update

    Not used this tool, first time i've seen it, as usual thought someone out there might be interested in seeing it. Boasts offline patching, no need for internet connection etc. I'm not endorsing this product, just highlighting so you can check it out
  • Blog Post: How to build and maintain a tiered WSUS infrastructure

    Good article over on Ars Technica on how to Build\Maintain a WSUS Infrastructure to control the patching in your environment (if you don't already have a patching solution such as ConfigMgr) Windows updates have historically been a constant annoyance for IT staff. Manual updates were a huge pain...
  • Blog Post: Free WSUS tools (and some pimping of EminetWare products)

    I was just having a look through the EminetWare website, EminetWare cover Update and Configuration Management. If you're using WSUS (without ConfigMgr) to patch your environment, then check out their WSUS Extension pack. They also have some WSUS tools (which lured me in :-)
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr: SUP\WSUS communications failure

    Came across an SMS Admin today with an interesting problem. He has WSUS\SUP + all the other gubbings all on the one box, nothing really out of the norm and yet he gets Status Message ID 6701 followed by 6703 exactly 5 minutes later (the timeout value) in his WSYNCMGR log when attempting to get WSUS to...