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  • Blog Post: Sinclair Spectrum turns 30

    I had a few of these, home of 8 bit games ... ... it introduced colour "high resolution" graphics and sound. Good grief! If Sinclair hadn't of blasted the Acorn BBC out of the water, can you imagine a world built off one of those clunky...
  • Blog Post: Commodore 64 hits 30 this week

    The Commodore 64 will be 30 years old this week (06/01/12) I remember my first C64, and, yep I feel old :-) Here's a write up I found out there (thanks to PC Authority),vintage-tech-looking-back-at-the-commodore-64.aspx Commodore 64 led me to...
  • Blog Post: Halloween Rob!

    I'm a halloween baby, and today I celebrate my 21st birthday (again!)! Got loads of presents, but the most special one was from my girlfriend, a lovely dinner last night, tickets to see Quantum of Solace tomorrow (gotta love James Bond!) and Happy Birthday sung to me marilyn monreo style, over...