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  • Blog Post: o2 - Apple iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 3GS and o2 carrier package ... what a rip off! For what? a compass, larger capacity (who has 16GB of songs atm, many of us running out of space?), slightly faster process (but no FLASH!) and tethering? You've got to be kidding me! Read on:
  • Blog Post: Flight Control for iPhone

    I've got this game for the iPhone (yes apologies for mentioning the Apple beast here) called Flight Control. Has to be one of the most addictive games I've played in a long time. My fiance has same type of phone, and we have play off's once in a while, which is real geeky but great fun, especially...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile 6.5 coming to a hand near you

    I've not seen it yet, just reading stuff on the world wide wait ... Microsoft on Monday made its latest bid to stem share loses in the mobile sector with a new version of its Windows Mobile software that includes an online store for third-party applications and also ties into a new cloud service...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Surface and iPhone mashup

    Stimulant has created an interesting mashup between the iPhone and the Microsoft Surface , though the technology works with any phone. Source: I love this kind of stuff, I wish I had a Surface at home...
  • Blog Post: How Apple could implement Copy\Paste using a touch screen

    Saw this over at BoingBoing , amazing that Apple developed this tech nigh on 15 years ago, but couldn't shoe-horn it in to the iPhone! The video is an example of the Apple Newton in action ... doing ... Copy ... Paste! And if that video doesn't work on here, then here's the...
  • Blog Post: 3G Iphone announced @ WWDC 2008

    iPhone 3G (and GPS!) confirmed by Jobs at WWDC 2008