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  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr 2007 Console

    I thought I’d check out the ConfigMgr 2007 Console MMC; see how it goes on, where its settings reside and whether I can bring anything new to the current knowledge base. Unfortunately, I don’t bring anything new to the table; instead I’m just consolidating knowledge in to one place...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr 2007 RTM\SP1 - Component Status Summarizer acting like a dead duck?

    This issue won't impact many of you, and to induce the following behaviour you really need to go toggle some values most SMS Admins leave well alone. Hence why this one hasn't been spotted in the wild (there is a technet forum thread on this ...). Have you noticed in your environment that...
  • Blog Post: Configuration Manager - List of log files

    ... More a reference for me really, List of Log Files in Configuration Manager 2007
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr SP1 installation causes BSOD

    Had an interesting problem yesterday, ConfigMgr RTM upgrade to SP1 two thirds of the way through induced a BSOD. Hard to troubleshoot, system reboots and all you're left with is a minidump (depending on your OS configuration for debugging) and a partially completed ConfigMgrSetup log file. ...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr client install failure - Errors 1708 & 1603 in

    Seen an interesting issue where the CCMSETUP parameters incorrectly specify MP as SMSMP, resulting in failure and exotic errors appearing in the CLIENT.MSI and CCMSETUP logs: Just need to fire up CLIENT.MSI in SMSTRACE, find Return value 3 and you'll possibly see the following: WARNING: The...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Visio stencils

    Rod Trent over at myITforum posted a link to a download that contains Visio stencils and an example diagram ... had to link this here, as it's VERY HANDY! Thanks Rod,
  • Blog Post: Configuration Manager 2007 - Native Mode - IBCM support

    Guys, Looking to share knowledge with anyone that has implemented IBCM for Configuration Manager 2007. Get in touch if you want to bounce ideas around and learn from each other (yes you guessed, initially i'm looking for someone that has been through the pain barrier so I can glean some tips,...
  • Blog Post: Looking for a UK based ConfigMgr admin

    Isn't it funny, as that saying goes, you wait around for a bus and three come along at once. Well I've not been waiting for a bus, instead I've been waiting around for some exceptional ConfigMgr projects to get stuck in too. I'm taken care of now, but wonder if there are any UK ConfigMgr...
  • Blog Post: Configuration Manager 2007 SDK (V4.0) - Part 2

    Doh, had to correct a URL in my previous post The Configuration Manager 2007 SDK link on is still pointing at an invalid address ... pinged customer services to let them know, but doubt i'm the first ;-)
  • Blog Post: Configuration Manager 2007 SDK (V4.0)

    I noticed that the Configuration Manager SDK link that is shown on is turning up a page not found, it points to http://mscompub/dmt/dialogs/preview/preview.aspx?d=preview&user=deniselr&familyid=064a995f-ef13-4200-81ad-e3af6218edcc&languageid=f49e8428-7071-4979-8a67...