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  • Blog Post: SnowSoftware - Snow License Manager for SMS

    Rod Trent over at MyITForum blogged about this , looks like quite a cool tool so wanted to reblog here. Snow License Manager automatically combines infrastructure information provided by Microsoft SMS® with information such as software contracts, purchased licenses, ownership, and prices. ...
  • Blog Post: Failure to install SMS2003 Management Point

    Ok finally figured out the solution to a problem with installing MP's that's been bugging me the last couple of days. Essentially It revolves around the SMS2003 Advanced Client not behaving itself. I've got a couple of SMS2003 RTM sites that have problems reinstalling their MP. The MP...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft setting forward on a project to back up your BRAIN!

    There is a MyLifeBits Project on the Microsoft Research website thats very very interesting! They haven't developed a brain-interface yet, but once the Microsoft Surface project is fully out the door expect Bord-type implants to be included in the retail box for MyLifeBits!!! ...
  • Blog Post: WMUG - System Center Configuration\Operations Manager presentation

    Hey there, Our first WMUG meeting has been confirmed, and we're busy putting together some good content for you! I'm especially looking forward to the day, as the first meet will be in the newly refurbished MS office at Cardinal Place, London . If you're interested in a unbiased and technical...
  • Blog Post: Hackers @ Microsoft ... New blog

    Interesting new blog propped up by MSDN ... Think we're going to get bloggage from the Hack0rs that work for M1cr0s0ft ;-) Worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on this one.
  • Blog Post: Vista Battery life - Cool app from Microsofts CodePlex

    I stumbled in to this on my travels. A tool that helps save battery power in Vista . Not tried this, will install it later tonight but thought i'd link it as a cool new tool.
  • Blog Post: Vista Squad next meeting on 6th September - Venue London

    Heads up!!! The Vista Squad are having their next meeting on the 6th of September, in London. They have Mike Taulty and Stephen Lamb presenting, so should be a really cool meeting! The location will be: ...
  • Blog Post: Using Outlook with connector to read Hotmail or Live mailbox

    Handy blog about using MS Outlook to get access to you're Windows Live\Hotmail inbox
  • Blog Post: Microsoft VHD Downloads

    More content available on the Microsoft VHD website. Check it out here You might not know, but you can swing back and forth between VMWare VMDK file format to Microsoft Virtual Server VHD format using the following tools: Virtual Server Migration Tool VMWare Converter You can also convert...
  • Blog Post: SSD Drives - 800M bytes/second sustained throughput

    Have you every heard a hard drive die? Click, Clunk … soon those days will be just mere memories! those clever boffins out there have begun turning out Solid State (hard) Drives (SDD) that can operate at far faster speed, and in more harsh environments than our tradition spin and read drives....
  • Blog Post: Classic Computing

    Doug Engelbart demonstrating stuff that we now take for granted … On December 9, 1968, Douglas C. Engelbart and the group of 17 researchers working with him in the Augmentation Research Center at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA, presented a 90-minute live public demonstration...
  • Blog Post: Mark Russinovich - Inside the Windows Vista Kernel

    Any self-professed admin who's worth his salt knows who Mark Russinovich is, he joined forces with Microsoft in July 2006 , a union that can only help the community at large as he's closer to the code and inside the belly of the beast so to speak :> He's been a busy bee presenting for Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Windows Vista Boot Mechanism

    Some interesting info (and a fundamental change) on the boot process in Vista
  • Blog Post: Intels new 45nm die production process

    These chips, they just get smaller and smaller! Bit-tech have a good review of the new 45nm technology process that Intel recently announced. And on a side-note, my brother Fred who works at Bit-tech, reviewed the Zalman HD135 HTPC Enclosure earlier this month, worth a read
  • Blog Post: The Secret Life of Machines

    Found whole series (it seems) of The Secret Life of Machines Excerpt: Just how does a video recorder work? And how about fax machines, cars, washing machines, electric light, telephones, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators? You'll find the answers here. This site is designed as a companion to...
  • Blog Post: Computer nonsense depicted in movies

    Had me in stitches :> NSWF Matt craps on a bunch of ridiculous ideas about programming and code that Hollywood can't seem to stay away from.
  • Blog Post: Wii Remote carnage

    Some crazy snaps of damage done by the Wii remote!!!
  • Blog Post: Samsung K5 MP3 Player

    I lost my Creative Zen 40GB Touch while on holiday ... and been using my PSP to play music but it's not exactly that portable. So, been keeping an eye out for a decent MP3 and to be honest I don't rate the IPoD generation AT ALL and want something a bit different that doesn't lock you in to a DRM'd service...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft and Compliance

    Eileen has put together a few postings on her blog about Regulatory Compliance in organisations. Here's a very handy link to her blog that concentrates a lot of links and information in to one posting for you to fan out from. Check it out.
  • Blog Post: Q&A: Kirill Tatarinov Discusses Innovations in Microsoft’s System Center Family of Products

    Kirill Tatarinov Discusses Innovations in Microsoft’s System Center Family of Products Definately worth a read ...
  • Blog Post: Monad grows up and gets a real name

    Finally Microsoft are designing a command shell that has a little ooooommph, it connects to almost everything and can even make coffee (if you had a serial link\blue tooth or even wireless to the coffee machine i'm sure it'd pull this off;-) Monad changed its name to Windows PowerShell ...