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  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Software Updates - definition of the coloured icons

    If I don't use the feature often I tend to forget the colour coding, we all know what the green means, most of us know what grey means, but what are the other colours for? Normal Icon The green icon represents a normal software update. Description: Software updates that have been synchronized...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Survey: ConfigMgr and WSUS pain points

    Time to get some feedback to MS on the WSUS and Configmgr integration. Check out the survey here, takes literally one minute, no login required and the feedback is seen by the product group, who, as you know, roll the dice on the features and any updates they get. Survey: What are your top pain...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr: SUP\WSUS communications failure

    Came across an SMS Admin today with an interesting problem. He has WSUS\SUP + all the other gubbings all on the one box, nothing really out of the norm and yet he gets Status Message ID 6701 followed by 6703 exactly 5 minutes later (the timeout value) in his WSYNCMGR log when attempting to get WSUS to...