Brilliant article on Wikipedia about left-handed peeps. Really brings it home how left-handed people where persecuted by the right-handed throughout our documented history, and how (yes you guessed it, i’m a lefty!) we fit in to todays age.

The article goes in to some real good detail on the subject, summed up as Left handed = visual simultaneous, Right handed = linear sequential. Left handed folk can absorb far more information and think on multiple threads while right handed people take a more systematic approach to solving the problems we face on a day to day basis.

Some notable left-handers:Sachin Tendulkar; Albert Einstein; Leonardo da Vinci; Nikola Tesla; Picasso; *** Van ***; Kim Novak; Cloris Leachman; Missy Gold; Roger E. Mosley; Brad Garrett; Sandy Koufax; Charlie Chaplin; Michael Landon; Demond Wilson; Ken Stabler; Jim Corbett; Earl Anthony; Kurt Cobain; David Bowie; and Jack the Ripper!!!

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