Had a customer reporting issues with client registration when devices use Management Point Replicas.

Had a look around and discovered that MP Replica’s are not processing brand new Client Registrations.

You’ll see the issue manifesting in the MP_CLIENTID log on the MP being used to perform the registration, and on the device in the ClientIDManagerStartup log where it’ll never complete the registration.

Here is an MP trying to handle the registration request:


The spGetLockState stored procedure is missing from the database, it wasn’t replicated across when the publication was created.

There are more objects missing, just waiting for the EM Product Group to confirm what is what.

I noticed that if you uninstall a client and reinstall it, this issue isn’t triggered. UPDATE:  Not so, client registration will fail entirely

Soon as I have confirmation of a workaround I’ll update this post. Right now it seems as simple as following through on looking at what spGetLockState refers too, and hunting around to see what other objects are missing, but hold off for a bit as I might get more info soon.

Click here for the follow up post