Couple weeks back I mentioned that Client Registration is broken for Management Point Replicas.


I escalated it up to the product group and the great news is that it looks likely to be fixed at the next current branch hotfix rollup for 1702, no promises there, but they are aware of it  which is good.


I also asked for a problem\solution post on TechNet or wherever it should be hosted, so that customers who have this issue can work around it quickly, however, said work if done may be beaten by the hotfix release, so the only obvious option is to wait for the hotfix to arrive.


If you didn’t know you had this issue and cannot wait for a hotfix rollup, say you need to patch new Servers using SCCM, then the good news is that you can either raise a ticket with Premier, or take a look at REPLICATEDOBJECTS on your Primary Site server, note that spGetLockState and DeploymentMutex are probably missing, insert them into that table like a boss, and then redo the publication setup and subscriptions to get things working again.

UPDATE: Update Roll-up (UR) for Current Branch 1702 has been released which fixes this issue


A complete dump of the REPLICATEDOBJECTS table used to replicate the SQL objects to a Management Point Replica when the Publication is created:

ActiveDirectoryForests MP
ActiveDirectoryForestTrusts MP
ActiveDirectoryObjectInfo MP
AppOfflineLicense MP
AutoClientUpgradeConfigs MP
AutoClientUpgradeSettings MP
BGB_Server MP
BoundaryEx MP
BoundaryGroup MP
BoundaryGroupMembers MP
BoundaryGroupRelationships MP
BoundaryGroupSiteSystem MP
CEP_CollectionPolicies MP
CEP_ServiceWindows MP
CI_ApplicationModelInfo MP
CI_AssignmentTargetedCIs MP
CI_AssignmentTargetedGroups MP
CI_CategoryInstances MP
CI_Certificates MP
CI_CIAssignments MP
CI_CICategories MP
CI_CICategories_All MP
CI_CIDocuments MP
CI_CIRelationTypeMapping MP
CI_CIStatus MP
CI_ConfigurationItemContents MP
CI_ConfigurationItemRelations MP
CI_ConfigurationItemRelations_Flat MP
CI_ConfigurationItems MP
CI_ConfigurationItemsOptionalRelations MP
CI_ContentFiles MP
CI_ContentPackages MP
CI_Contents MP
CI_DocumentStore MP
CI_LocalizedProperties MP
CI_Models MP
CI_Types MP
CI_UpdateCIs MP
CI_UpdateInfo MP
CI_UpdateSources MP
ClientAgent MP
ClientAgentProperty MP
ClientAgentProperty_Value MP
ClientBaseline MP
ClientDeploymentSettings MP
ClientKeyData MP
ClientKeyDataCertExtend MP
ClientPfxCertificates MP
ClientPilotingConfigs MP
ClientSettings MP
ClientSettingsAssignments MP
ClientSettingsAssignments_L MP
CM_Certificates MP
CM_UpdatePackages MP
Collections MP
Collections_G MP
Collections_L MP
CommonMACAddresses MP
ContentDPMap MP
CrpRequests MP
DeploymentMutex MP
DepPolicyAssignment MP
DeviceDiscoveryTranslation MP
DeviceMPSettings MP
DistributionPoints MP
DMP_FetchAPNSCertPolicies MP
DMP_FetchAppModelPolicies MP
DMP_FetchAuthenticationPolicy MP
DMP_FetchBrandingInfoPolicies MP
DMP_FetchClientAgentPolicies MP
DMP_FetchDCMPolicies MP
DMP_FetchDepTokenPolicy MP
DMP_FetchEnrollmentPolicy MP
DMP_FetchInventoryPolicies MP
DMP_FetchMaintenanceWindowPolicies MP
DMP_FetchMEPPolicies MP
DMP_FetchPolicyData MP
DMP_FetchWP8AppMgmtPolicy MP
DMP_GetAppOfflineLicense MP
DMP_GetDeviceActions MP
DMP_GetDeviceManagementState MP
DMP_GetDiscoveryTranslations MP
DMP_GetMachinePolicies MP
DMP_GetMDMCICertificates MP
DMP_GetMDMCrpRequests MP
DMP_GetPackageVersion MP
DMP_GetPolicies MP
DMP_GetPolicyAssignments MP
DMP_GetPolicyUserInfo MP
DMP_GetProviderCert MP
DMP_GetSettings MP
DMP_GetSoftwareDistBody MP
DMP_GetSoftwareDistIDs MP
Drs_Signals MP
EasySetupSettings MP
EN_ClientCertificateRecords MP
EULA_Content MP
EULA_LocalizedContent MP
Feature_EC MP
Flat_Group_User_Relationship MP
fn_GetBuildNumber MP
fn_IsPassportForWorkCI MP
fn_IsTermsAndConditionsCI MP
fn_ListCIs MP
fn_ListDeploymentTypeCIs MP
Fn_localefallback MP
Fn_LocalizedCIProperties MP
fn_MIG_ClientKeyData MP
fn_SMSDefaultZero MP
fn_SplitString MP
fnConvertBinaryToBase64String MP
fnConvertBinaryToHexString MP
fnConvertLocalToUTC MP
fnConvertXmlToIndentedString MP
fnCurrentSiteVersion MP
fnCurrentSiteVersion_INT MP
fnCurrentSiteVersion_INT_TABLE MP
fnDMGetAccountID MP
fnDMGetUserIDByObjectGuid MP
fnDMGetUserIDByUniqueName MP
fnGetCertSubjectAltName MP
fnGetCertSubjectName MP
fnGetNumericIPAddress MP
fnGetParentSiteCode MP
fnGetSiteCode MP
fnGetSiteNumber MP
fnGetSiteNumberBySiteCode MP
fnGetSiteSystemName MP
fnIsOfficeContent MP
fnIsSecondary MP
fnIsSiteServerUpgradeAction MP
fnMDMCalculateHash MP
fnMP_GetBoundaryGroupsXML MP
fnSplitString MP
GetAppPackage MP
GetMPLocationForIPAddressAndADSite MP
GetMPLocationForIPSubnet MP
ImportedMachineIdentity MP
IntuneAccountInfo MP
IntuneServiceLocations MP
InventoryAction MP
InventoryClass MP
InventoryClassProperty MP
LANG_Installed MP
LANG_Installed_L MP
LastPXEAdvertisement MP
MachineIdGroupXRef MP
MDMAppPolicyMapping MP
MDMCertificates MP
MDMCIRelations MP
MDMClientIdentity MP
MDMCrpCertificates MP
MDMDeviceActionResults MP
MDMDeviceActions MP
MDMDeviceManagementStates MP
MDMNdesList MP
MDMPolicy MP
MDMPolicyAssignment MP
MDMUserApplicationState MP
MDMUserApplicationTargetingHistory MP
MDMUserPolicyAssignment MP
MIG_Client MP
MIG_SiteInfo MP
MP_BgbCheckResync MP
MP_BgbGetPushMessage MP
MP_GetAffinityForClientID MP
MP_GetAllInventoryClasses MP
MP_GetAssignedMPListForSite MP
MP_GetAssignedSite MP
MP_GetAutoClientUpgradeConfigs MP
MP_GetCertificateRequestToken MP
MP_GetCertificateRevokeStateForSMSID MP
MP_GetClientIDFromMacAddress MP
MP_GetClientIDFromSmbiosID MP
MP_GetClientIDFromWTGDeviceID MP
MP_GetClientPackageInfo MP
MP_GetComplianceServiceInfo MP
MP_GetContentCloudDPUrls MP
MP_GetContentCloudDPUrlsBGR MP
MP_GetContentDPInfo MP
MP_GetContentDPInfoProtected MP
MP_GetContentDPInfoUnprotected MP
MP_GetContentFileHash MP
MP_GetContentInformation MP
MP_GetContentWUMULocations MP
MP_GetCRPCertificates MP
MP_GetCurrentBGDPList MP
MP_GetDynamicPolicyAssignments MP
MP_GetEncryptionCertificateForSMSID MP
MP_GetHINVLastUpdateTime MP
MP_GetInternetMPListForSite MP
MP_GetInventoryClassProperties MP
MP_GetListOfMPsInSite MP
MP_GetLocalMPListForSite MP
MP_GetLocalSitesFromAssignedSite MP
MP_GetMachineIdentity MP
MP_GetMachinePolicyAssignments MP
MP_GetMigrationInfoForRestoreClient MP
MP_GetMigrationInfoUsersForRestoreClient MP
MP_GetMPListForSite MP
MP_GetMPListForSiteEx MP
MP_GetMPSitesFromAssignedSite MP
MP_GetPeerDPList MP
MP_GetPendingPackagesForBranchDP MP
MP_GetPfxCertificateList MP
MP_GetPfxThumbprintList MP
MP_GetPolicyBody MP
MP_GetPolicyBodyAfterAuthorization MP
MP_GetPortalCertificates MP
MP_GetPortalInfo MP
MP_GetProtectedDPList MP
MP_GetProtectedSMPSites MP
MP_GetProxyMPListForSite MP
MP_GetSdmDocument MP
MP_GetSecretDataRequestToken MP
MP_GetSiteInfo MP
MP_GetSiteInfoUnified MP
MP_GetSiteInfoUnifiedBGR MP
MP_GetSiteInfoUnifiedBGRWSUS MP
MP_GetStateMigAssocInfo MP
MP_GetStateMigClientInfo MP
MP_GetSuperPeerContentLocations MP
MP_GetToken MP
MP_GetUnprotectedSMPSites MP
MP_GetUserAndUserGroupPolicyAssignments MP
MP_GetUserIdentificationXml MP
MP_GetWebServcieInfo MP
MP_GetWSUSServerLocations MP
MP_GetWSUSServerLocations_WithBGR MP
MP_IsClientRegistered MP
MP_IsPolicyBodyAuthorized MP
MP_MatchDrivers MP
NBS_GetPxeAction MP
NBS_GetPxeBootAction MP
NBS_LookupDevice MP
NBS_LookupPxeDevice MP
PackageContentInfoHash MP
PendingRegistrationData MP
PfxCertificates MP
PkgPrograms MP
PkgPrograms_G MP
PkgPrograms_L MP
PkgStatus MP
PkgStatus_G MP
PkgStatus_L MP
Policy MP
PolicyAssignment MP
PortalInfo MP
ProgramOffers MP
ProgramOffers_G MP
ProgramOffers_L MP
Proxy_RoleEndpoint MP
Quar_QuarantineCIs MP
ResPolicyChange MP
ResPolicyMap MP
SC_Address MP
SC_Address_Property MP
SC_AddressType MP
SC_ClientCfg_Property MP
SC_ClientComponent MP
SC_ClientComponent_Property MP
SC_ClientConfiguration MP
SC_Component MP
SC_Component_Property MP
SC_Component_PropertyList MP
SC_Configuration MP
SC_Configuration_Property MP
SC_GlobalProperty MP
SC_GlobalProperty_Property MP
SC_Properties MP
SC_RoleType MP
SC_SiteDefinition MP
SC_SiteDefinition_Property MP
SC_SysResUse MP
SC_SysResUse_Property MP
SC_SysResUse_ServiceWindow MP
SC_UserAccount MP
SC_UserAccount_Property MP
SEDO_LockableObjectComponents MP
SEDO_LockableObjects MP
SEDO_LockableObjectTypes MP
ServerKeyData MP
SettingsPolicy MP
SiteExchangeKeys MP
Sites MP
SiteWork MP
SMS_ConfigurationData MP
SMS_ConfigurationVariables MP
SMSContentHash MP
SMSPackageHash MP
SMSPackages MP
SMSPackages_G MP
SMSPackages_L MP
SoftwarePolicy MP
sp_BgbConfigSSBForRemoteService MP
sp_BgbConfigSSBForReplicaDB MP
sp_GetCertSubjectAltName MP
sp_GetCertSubjectName MP
sp_GetPublicKeyForSMSID MP
sp_GetPublicKeySMSUID MP
spAddSSBRoute MP
spCreateDBMasterKey MP
spGetCloudDPToken MP
spGetContentInfoHash MP
spGetLockState MP
spGetRandomPassword MP
spGetResourceClientState MP
spGetSiteExchangeKey MP
spUpdateMDMDeviceActionResult MP
spUpdateMDMOnPremDevicePinResetResult MP
spUpdateSSBEndPoint MP
StateMigration MP
StateMigrationAssociation MP
StateMigrationAssociationUsers MP
SuperPeerClients MP
SuperPeerContentCacheMap MP
SuperPeerContentMap MP
SuperPeers MP
SupportedPlatforms MP
SysResList MP
System_AUX_Info MP
System_DISC MP
System_IP_Address_ARR MP
System_IP_Subnets_ARR MP
System_IPv6_Prefi_ARR MP
System_MAC_Addres_ARR MP
System_Resource_N_ARR MP
System_SMS_Assign_Arr MP
System_SMS_Instal_ARR MP
System_System_Rol_ARR MP
TS_AppReferences MP
TS_References MP
TS_TaskSequence MP
TSAppPolicy MP
UnknownSystem_DISC MP
Update_SyncStatus MP
User_Group_DISC MP
User_User_Group_Name_ARR MP
UserAppModelSoftwareRequest MP
UserMachineRelation MP
UserMachineSourceRelation MP
UserMachineTypeRelation MP
v_ActiveClients MP
v_BundledConfigurationItems_All MP
v_Categories MP
v_CI_DriverHardwareIDs MP
v_CI_DriversCIs MP
v_CIAppDependenceRelations MP
v_CICategories MP
v_CICategories_All MP
v_CIContents MP
v_CIContents_All MP
v_CIEULA_LocalizedContent MP
v_CIRelation MP
v_CIRelation_All MP
v_CIRelationEx MP
v_ConfigurationItems MP
v_EULAContent MP
v_LocalizedCIProperties_SiteLoc MP
v_UpdateCIs MP
v_UpdateContents MP
vCI_AssignmentTargetedCIs MP
vCI_AssignmentTargetedGroups MP
vCIAllContents MP
vClientSettingsAssignments MP
vDistributionPoints MP
vMDMAppPolicyMapping MP
vProxy_Roles MP
vSMS_CI_GlobalConditions MP
vSMS_CIDocuments MP
vSMS_CIPlatform MP
vSMS_CIRelation MP
vSMS_CIRelation_Flat MP
vSMS_ConfigurationItems MP
vSMS_SC_Address MP
vSMS_SC_ClientComponent MP
vSMS_SC_ClientConfiguration MP
vSMS_SC_Component MP
vSMS_SC_Configuration MP
vSMS_SC_GlobalProperty MP
vSMS_SC_SiteDefinition_Properties MP
vSMS_SC_SysResUse MP
vSMS_SC_SysResUse_Properties MP
vSMS_TaskSequencePackage MP
vSMS_Valid_CM_Certificates MP
vSysResList MP
WebServiceInfo MP
WSUSServerLocations MP
XMLConfigStore MP