LogLauncher is back in the development dry-dock for a refitting, no small change indeed, as I’m adding in a feature request from Zeng (Sandy), the ability to scan as many devices as you want, and see them in the navigation tree on the left so you can hop around them removing the need to open several LogLauncher processes to accomplish the same result, something like this working code example:




Fortunately the code-base is quite modular although I realised after setting off to implement this feature, quite nested, but all in all it wasn’t that much of a hassle to get most of the feature in, 4-5 hours of keyboard bashing time.


Am a while off from finishing, there were a few things that V3.4 does that I don’t like (because I am an OCD type of guy lol!), so I’ll finish up those before V3.5 is released.


Got any features you think this tool should have? Tweet me and if it is sensible and doable, I’ll add it to the TODO list.