A lot of my free time of late has been going into many things, one of which was redoing LogLauncher with modern ribbon look, and adding in some much needed functionality.

Just a moment ago I updated the TechNet Gallery with V3.0, here’s what it looks like now:


It has some strong features:


  • Get at all ConfigMgr\SCCM logs easily, quickly
  • Visualise changes to SCCM\ConfigMgr logs over time using the monitoring feature
  • Open multiple logs in one trace tool, or open a trace tool for each log
  • Integrates with the ConfigMgr Console for devices in their context menu\ribbon
  • Log hints for known SCCM\ConfigMgr logs, hover over a log to see a tooltip description of the log
  • Add custom locations for scanning for logs
  • Launch directly from LogLauncher the Configuration Manager Support Center if it is installed
  • Change a ConfigMgr\SCCM Site or a Clients Log Settings using the Log Settings feature, remember to restart the service for the Site or Agent for changes to take effect
  • Toggle hiding of Archive logs (*.lo_)
  • Remembers what devices you’ve scanned for easy access
  • Diagnostic output for when things go wrong, for feedback to author as well as troubleshooting added locations
  • Automatically scans the device the tool is run on
  • Accepts device name entered on the command line (LogLauncher.exe <DEVICENAME>) for automation purposes


You can find the tool here over on TechNet Gallery