Jogging along at a good rate here. Moved off of the UI and collecting Patches to building out the ConfigMgr objects.

Some simple rules to define Windows 10 and Office:


Yields the following Software Update Groups, with the total patches in each:

And here they are in the ConfigMgr Console:

The Software Update Packages and Deployments are next, lots of fiddly coding ahead.

The Software Update Packages (SUP) need special loving to populate with patches. There’s a relationship between three WMI Classes that can be joined on the CI_ID and then ContentID property:





On top of that, once I have the URLs, I need to download the content into an organised folder structure. All pretty well defined, no need to get the theory board out and start etching, just requires a few more coding sessions before its ready for beta (end to end) testing, then a bit of bug fixing, maybe squeeze in a feature or two and PatchMaster will be ready.