Rushing to get things ready for the week ahead at the MVP 2018 Summit, my main bit of fun was dragging its heels to get out the door, PatchMaster, but its done now, wrapped in an MSI and out the door.

Whether its forgotten a shoe or a sock, who knows, well you will actually, if you install and give it a try and something exciting happens.

Many nights of coding, time I could have spent chillaxing in World of Tanks,  were invested in getting PatchMaster fit for use, at least fit for use in my lab, a few testers labs and a couple of real-life development environments.

It is now over to you all, to explore it in your labs, and for the confident through observation, into production.

This tool’s main purpose is to setup a patching regime that can be initiated at a click of a button, once post-configuration is completed. Simplifying what for some is an arduous task occurring predictably each month and unpredictably via out of cycle patch releases.

Once you’ve got this tool working, patching will be a breeze, just open the tool, and if any patches show click, just click Build, which will introduce them into your environment in a structured way.

For bonus points PatchMaster also builds out Reporting SUG’s, which are a rollup of all patches for a product to make reporting on your patches easy.

You can check out PatchMaster here:

Top points for figuring out who the bust is for the tools icon Smile