This is so awesome.

I’ve been selected to present at MMS this year.

I’ll be putting on the following session with my esteemed peer Wally Mead, and will present in one or more others.

Here’s my session details, if you attend and fancy it, would love to see you there.

Architecting ConfigMgr

Come and enjoy a guided tour through
the latest Microsoft products available to ConfigMgr Infrastructure
architects, with which we can realize new and exciting hierarchy designs
for on-premise, off-premise and the most common, a hybrid of the two.
We’ll cover off the best use cases for Intune standalone and hybrid,
CMG, Cloud DP, Azure AD, Azure, High Availability, and even throw in
IBCM to highlight a strategic design choice. Throughout the tour we’ll
show you the right way to fit these pieces together, to suit a variety
of hierarchy models that align with most small to large sized
organizations. So join us, and kick back while we take you on the tour
of the ‘new’ possible for infrastructure administrators and full on
architect’s, with a look into the crystal ball to imagine what will come

What you will learn:

  • Architect ConfigMgr like a Boss, using the latest design options available from Microsoft
  • Take the opportunity to step back and see how all these Modern Microsoft technologies fit together
  • Become a legend amongst your peers as a confirmed ConfigMgr Architect just by attending!
  • Opportunity to talk to an EM MVP that enjoys architecting design solutions for ConfigMgr  as his occupation


Proper pumped and looking forward to putting on a good show around designing ConfigMgr, while realising all the modern assets available to us.

Hope to see you there if you are attending MMS this year.

If you didn’t know about, or haven’t booked a ticket yet, check out the MMS’s landing page, and see what amazing sessions are available for up-voting, go on, see if you can get your boss to cover a ticket Smile Is so worth it, there is nothing like this event.