Recently I submitted a UserVoice entry to tweak behaviour on the Save-CMSoftwareUpdate Applet, glad to say it was actioned very quickly (Adam you rock!).

The changes do not yet show up in the Applet Documentation Library, but as described below, two new parameters have been added:

  • RetryCount
  • RetryDelaySec

Here’s the UserVoice submission:


As I said above, as of the time of writing the documentation has not been updated, here’s the link though:

The reason for this feature change request is that I PowerShell scripted SUM heavily, and I noticed that some patches would fail to download or all would download, causing additional administrative resource to perform the downloads into the Software Update Packages from the SCCM Console (or re-running Save-CMSoftwareUpdate). Hassle.

The Wizard for downloading Updates in the SCM Console, and the PowerShell Applet both use the same API to perform the download. Sometimes things go swell, and all would download, or there would be a blip somewhere along the line, internal network, proxy, external network, Microsoft Distribution Center resulting in one or several of the patches to not be downloaded.

With these changes at the PowerShell Applet level, we can literally ease-out download-failure by performing retries during scripted activities.

That’s progress!