This guide kicks off my tour of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, and we begin with the foundation of your testing platform, the lab hardware.

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  • Handy to keep in mind Joe ... I elected to use a storage pool to check what they did with it in Windows 8 ... I'm not seeing the love here,  the disks seem slower than when I had them as two stand-alone disks with manual VM load balancing deploying VM's in a round robin fashion.

    I'd like faster disk IO, I don't need redundancy in the lab just quantity and speed. Not keen to invest in a mega-expensive controller right now :-( Rather wing it with the built in SATA3 controller and the speeds you get from it.

    I'll look to see if the HDD power saving features can be turned off, but as everthing stands right now the box is so fast I've not had to fiddle with anything!

  • Point to note on the use of “green” drives; if you use them in a RAID config you may find at best a performance deg or at worst, a loss of data.  This has to do with the power saving technology incorporated in these drives.

  • hehe wait until you see what I picked up on the weekend ... a 2U Intel blade server for less than £100! I'd lend it to you, but I think your wife would throw it out of the house due to it sounding like a harrier jump jet about to land!

  • you don't need to be mean with my lab :)