System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Eval

SMS V4, aka SCCM2007, was released without much fanfare on Friday 24th August.

You can eval the product here.

I'm not too impressed with the release of SCCM2007. I'm a member of several distlists, even on the SCCM Beta, and yet I didn't get a single email announcing the release of the product. It just seemed to appear on the scene and was propped up on the MS SMS Site on Friday without much noise being made. In fact the MS SMS site barely has anything on there about the release. Even the highlights section waffles on about the "mistake" product SMS2003 R2 (which should NEVER have been released, instead those feature pack features should of been rolled in to the main SMS2003 product as part of SP2!).

I was expecting a MAJOR announcement, instead of a quiet murmur. I'm really suprised at this ... Come on Microsoft, what on earth are you doing!!! OpMgr probably got more lead-in and announcement than ConfigMgr!

And, according to Bill Anderson this is a flag-ship product that defines a major milestone in the 17(?) years the product has been available. I guess the PR machine isn't going to blow the trumpet until TechED?

I just hope that MS keeping to the August shipment date doesn't mean that SCCM2007 is riddled with bugs (look at SCCM's brother for a bug ridden RTM release) and needs an SP pronto before it's stable ...

9/10 for SCCM2007 and getting the product out in August as predicted, 1/10 for announcement skills. Think someone needs to level up their PR character so it can cast Lvl 6 PR spells!

  • 30 August 2007 00:14 by williamamsft

    Hey Rob - first of all, thanks for ref'ing my myitforum blog!  Secondly, thanks SO much for your passion around getting great info out on SCCM 07.  I'm gonna provide some info for you on the RTM process.  I'm with you - I'd love for the code to be born, and the WORLD knows about it right away - hence why I blogged about it 1 MINUTE after our leadership team signed off on it!  :-)  But, here's really goes on so you can see the commitment to the product, and ALL products from MS.  So, we actually began this process with MMS this year.  14 sessions there on SCCM 07, TechSexy campaign, etc.  So, most folks (you included) already know what's in the box - our focus has been in just making sure the quality was where it needs to be (and it is).  We rolled that through the summer at TechEd in US, US partner conference, etc.  We also had the whole MS field in Redmond in July to get them ready on it.  In parallel with that, we've been "releasing" System Center all-up since May with local System Center events, and a bunch of us will be in Europe in Sept/Oct to launch this in your area.  And, then that all culminates at IT Forum in Barcelona with the WW launch.  So, there is beaucoup dollars on System Center Config Manager in launch activities.  It just didn't all align with the RTM date.  But NOTHING in the sofware world does.  It aligns with a launch date that's somewhere after RTM.  Our outstanding mktg team will be updating all the stuff this week, and you'll see more and more about it in the weeks ahead.  In the software world, RTM is just a single moment in time.  Launch is a rolling set of activities over a period of time.  Trust me - do NOT take the fact that every bit of collateral and fanfare was not present at RTM - as an indicator of product quality foreshadowing, or lack of commitment from MS.

    thnx Rob!

  • 30 August 2007 09:50 by Rob

    Brilliant reply, thanks for coming over and commenting William!