I was creating some web reports for a remote site today when I came across an old problem

Response object error ' ASP 0251 : 80004005'
Response Buffer Limit Exceeded
/smsreporting/Report.asp, line 0
Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit.

This problem has been around for quite a few years, but in case you have never seen it, here is the fix (that I use)

First adjust the registry value on the SMS Reporting Point to allow the return of a larger row set.


Add a DWORD value Rowcount and assign it a value for the desired maximum limit, the maximum row count is 32767 (decimal) if you need to return more then set it to 0xffffffff (Hex). This will return all rows but will significantly increase the workload on your site server database.

Increase the AspBufferingLimit setting in Metabase.xml

The default value is 4194304 (about 4 MB), you need to change this to whatever limit is reasonable for you, adjust the setting to allow for 1 MB per 1000 records

Note: This change does not require you to stop IIS, but to make the Metabase.xml file write-able you need to allow changes to MetaBase configuration while IIS is running, go to the IIS control panel, right click the server, select properties, and check the box that says "allow changes to MetaBase configuration while IIS is running".

I would adjust the timeout values for running ASP scripts

Open the IIS Manager on your Reporting Point.
Double-click on the local computer and then drill down to and open the Default Web Site properties.
Select the Home Directory tab and click on the Configuration button and then the Options tab.
In the Application Configuration section increase the Asp Script Timeout value to 180 sec.  The default is 90.