If you wish to interact with the SQL Server Reporting Service 2008 web service programatically you must add a web reference into your Visual Studio project to the web service which generates a WSDL file that visual studio will use to generates the necessary stubbs.

This was fairly straight forward using visual studio 2005 because we could simply right click on the solution -> add web reference. For some reason a genious at Microsoft's has in their brilliance decided to obfuscate this functionality in visual studio 2008! 

In addition to this you must also track down the correct url to the SSRS 2008 service asmx file. Logically one would assume it to be either reportservice.asmx or reportservice2008.asmx - however this is not  the case, instead you must access the reportservice2005.asmx .... my guess is it has remained the same name for backward compatibility but why not keep the reportservice.asmx?? hmm...

Below are the end to end steps to add a SSRS 2008 web service reference in Visual Studio 2008:

  1. Right click on "Service References" -> "Add Service Reference"
  2. Click on the "Advanced..." button
  3. Click on "Add Web Reference"
  4. Addin the URL to the webservice. Remember you need to put in http://your.sql.server/reportserver/reportservice2005.asmx?WSDL !!!!
  5. GO
  6. Click Add Reference

Viola! You're now setup with your proxy and ready to interact!!



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