• Tue, May 13 2008

    Query Web application Performance data

    I wrote this stored proc below to get a value and time sampled for a specific Web application rule ' Base Content Size'. The purpose of this was twofold, firstly to grab the actual value from SCOM so I can use it in other systems e.g. to use the...
    • Tue, May 13 2008

    Query SCOM entity state

    Here's another useful query, this gets the current state and date of last change for a specified object (basemanagedentity). I used this one to get state change information out of SCOM into another management product where there's no connector...
    • Tue, May 13 2008

    Extracting Performance data from SCOM Tables

    I needed to get values out of SCOM for some specific performance collection rules and couldn't find one anywhere else so I wrote this one below. This might be useful to anyone else having to do the same so here it is. To use this query in your own...