Before the transition to a new web service running WordPress, WMUG had a clear 12-year-run residing on the WMUG.CO.UK domain, it now resides on ARCHIVE.WMUG.CO.UK.

The previous WMUG website is powered using Telligent’s Community software, and we’re forever grateful to Telligent for a decade+ of licensing which benefited us all, a great team, who continue to give us access to an extremely powerful platform.

Although a lot of our great content over that decade+ is still available on the previous website, most of it has fallen to the wayside as relics of a fast-moving IT industry, and is thus not so relevant today. Still, we didn’t want to ditch the content so it remains up and available to the community to peruse.

We have IIS URL Rewrite rules in-place to handle external linkage back to what was the legacy WMUG.CO.UK website, so most of the old site material should remain accessible from search engines and external embedded linkage.